II. Leadership Academy | October 3-5, 2019

2nd Leadership Academy will be held at Ulu Resort Hotel, Mersin/Turkey on 3-5 October 2019 by the cooperation of Silifke Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mersin UniversityTOBB University of Economics and Technology, Toros University, 15 November Cyprus University, Mersin Chamber of Shipping, Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TOBB Mersin Young Entrepreneurs Council.

Leadership has become a key concept in the context of today's management strategies. Leaders' ability to influence and guide society directly affects enterprises from a socio-cultural perspective and paves the way for institutionalization. Since leadership is not an innate talent, it is thought that, as a necessity of organized life, the leadership and personal development trainings of room and stock managers / councilors and staff will create positive outcomes for all social stakeholders.

Leadership Academy is a feast of information that brings together the representatives of the business world and the academicians involved in the transfer of theoretical knowledge, the exchange of knowledge and experience and interaction, and is one of the most important University-Industry Cooperation steps taken in this direction.

In 2018, I. Leadership Academy, which was held with the presence of KKTC Prime Minister Mr. Tufan ERHÜRMAN and TOBB President Mr. M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU, was completed with the participation of 50 different institutions / organizations, 27 Chambers, 310 participants, 15 Conferences and Seminars, 20 Invited Speakers and 11 academic presentations. Within the scope of the event, cooperation protocols were signed between Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, various commercial agreements and cooperations were opened between business people and academic knowledge and business experience were brought together. The Workshop Result Declaration was delivered to all Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of TOBB.

On October 3-5, 2019, we will organize a broader participation and more comprehensive training / interaction programs. At the II. International Leadership Academy; it is aimed to contribute to human and social capital of all participants for 3 days through various educational activities / seminars / academic sessions / panels / B2B negotiations and workshops focusing on the inspiring power of leadership and the ability to influence people.

In addition, it is foreseen that the effectiveness will have a positive effect in terms of the shares of the Accreditation Officers in the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges affiliated with TOBB.

II. Leadership Academy aims at the participation of Academicians / Masters and PhD students with their studies on Leadership and Management. Abstracts on leadership and management will be presented during the organization.

In order to share, discuss and contribute to the literature within the framework of the leadership concept, we are waiting for our valuable participants to attend our event on 3-5 October 2019.

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All participants who are interested in the subject can participate in II. Leadership Academy.

However, the target audience of the event is as follows:

  • TOBB Chambers and Committees,
  • TOBB Chamber and Board of Directors and Board Members
  • TOBB Secretary General
  • TOBB Members and Accreditation Officers
  • TOBB Young / Women Entrepreneur Committees,
  • Business Owners and Managers,
  • Academics and Scientists who work in related fields,
  • Associate Degree / Bachelor / Master or Doctorate students in Business Administration,
  • All other participants interested in the subject ...


In order for the abstracts to be submitted, they must include the application or include concrete recommendations for the sector.

Any papers related with the Leadership and Businesses will be taken into consideration by the scientific board.

The abstracts must be English.

It is important for our participants who wish to submit abstract pay attention to the following Rules:

  • Page structure "normal", 2.5 cm from the top, 2.5 cm from the bottom, 2.5 from the left and 2.5 cm from the left.
  • In all abstracts, “Times New Roman” should be used as a font.
  • The point of the title must be 14 with the capital letter and 12 of the other parts.
  • Title, author names, abstract, keywords should be written in bold.
  • At least 100 maximum 500 words should be written in a summary.
  • In the summary content, the aim of the study, the method used and the findings should be indicated.
  • At least three, maximum five keywords should be used in the study.
  • Send your abstracts in Word format to Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen posta engelleyicileri tarafından korunuyor. Görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir..
  • Acceptance / rejection notifications related to abstracts will be submitted to the e-mail addresses of the authors within 2 weeks.

Notes about Presentation:

  • All presentations must be prepared in English
  • Each talk will take 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to plan 10 minutes for presentation and 3-5 minutes for discussion.
  • Ensure that you will be available at least 30 minutes before your session on the day of the conference. 
  • The equipment (PC and Data Projector) will be provided in the session rooms.
  • The recommended software for your presentation file is Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Please bring your presentation file with a flash disk


Note for International Participants: The official Language of II. Leadership Academy is Turkish. Most of the panels, seminars, activities and speeches will be in Turkish. Participants who will join the event by sending their academic studies (abstracts) will be able to make their presentations in English. So, international participants should consider this note before registration.

Participation for the II. Leadership Academy is as follows, please select one of these options to join the event:

  1. Participation Fee (without Accommodation) =100$
  2. Participation Fee and 2 Nights Double Room Per Person Accommodation (sharing room with another participant) =250$
  3. Participation Fee and 2 Nights Single Room Accommodation=400$

The Fee (with Accommodation) includes;

  • Registration Fee
  • All Inclusive Accomodation (2 Nights),
  • Coffee Breaks,
  • Social Day Activity-Tour,
  • Gala Dinner,
  • Participation Certificate
  • Abstract Book
  • Printed Name Card
  • Conference Folder or Bag.

The Fee (without Accommodation) includes;

  • Registration Fee
  • Coffee Breaks,
  • Social Day Activity-Tour,
  • Participation Certificate
  • Abstract Book
  • Printed Name Card
  • Conference Folder or Bag.

Some Important Notes about Registration and Accomodation:

  • Once your paper is accepted, the registration process begins. Please follow the registration steps given below.
  • It is mandatory for at least one author of an accepted paper to register in order for the paper to appear in the proceedings and included in the Technical Program.
  • Participants who will attend as a listener (without study) have to complete the same registration steps.
  • Conference fee must be paid until September 15, 2019 and the receipt of payment should be sent to Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen posta engelleyicileri tarafından korunuyor. Görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.

Registration Steps for International Participants:

  • If you send abstract for evalution, please be sure that your study is accepted for the oral presentation,
  • Decide on your Participation and Accommodation Option (Double or Single Room),
  • Complete the Registration Form (click for the form)
  • Pay the registration fee and send the reciept of payment to Bu e-Posta adresi istenmeyen posta engelleyicileri tarafından korunuyor. Görüntülemek için JavaScript etkinleştirilmelidir.
  • Feedback will be given to your e-mail address in a week about your registration and accommodation status.

Bank Account for International Participants (USD):

  • Account Owner: ULU İNŞ.TUR.SAN. VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.
  • Name of the Bank: Akbank
  • Branch of the Bank: Lara
  • Branch Code: 0714
  • IBAN: TR62 0004 6007 1400 1000 2118 29


Abstracts presented at  II. Leadership Academy will be published in the Abstract Booklet (ISBN Numbered).

In addition, on the dates indicated, if the full text is sent by the authors, in accordance with the evaluations made by the scientific board and the preferences of the authors; selected articles will be published either as a Book Chapter or as an article at the peer-reviewed journals (listed below) journals;


  • Registration Dates: 1 April 2019 - 15 September 2019
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 September 2019
  • Abstract Book Publication: October 3, 2019
  • Full Text Submission Date (optional): 31 October 2019
  • Full text published as "Book Section" or "Article" (optional): December 15, 2019


In order to reach detailed information about the venue and transportation facilities please click.